Australia’s online purchase behaviours are changing

Comparing to the results from 2009, some key findings on the evolution of online shopping behaviour include:

  • Australians are relying more on search as a starting point to buying a product online
  • Aussies use fewer search terms to find products
  • Brand and shop related terms have increased in popularity, whereas generic product terms are less popular
  • Online shoppers are now twice as likely to compare products online
  • Facebook is the only social media platform with serious online purchase influence


Wooboard woos Elevation Capital

Wooboard is a collaborative online human resource tool designed to boost workplace morale and improve productivity. Pollenizer developed the idea about six months ago.

“We thought, how can we increase competition between workmates? You only get [workplace] recognition once or twice a month,” Liubinskas says.

“Why can’t we build on that and boost productivity at the same time? We launched it and people really liked it.”

“We believe we can change the way people behave in the workplace. It’s a pretty lofty goal – create a really simple system that multiplies the value of workplace recognition.”

According to Liubinskas, there are already 30 companies using Wooboard, with another 150 indicating their interest in the tool.

“It’s designed for teams that are using computers, so office workplaces. They’re typically younger teams who consider culture to be important in their working life,” he says.

“Wooboard is a greater enforcer of that strong culture – it can really add significantly to the core of a team.”

Liubinskas says Wooboard becomes one of the tabs that you have open on your computer screen. When someone does a good job, you can nominate that person to be “Wooed”.

The more you are nominated on the platform, the more likely you are to receive points and advance to higher levels, incorporating a gaming element. Meanwhile, your workmates are much more aware of your hard work.

“Elevation Capital is very excited by the idea of boosting recognition and morale in teams… They describe themselves as culture capitalists,” Liubinskas says.

Folsom will join the Wooboard team as chairman and interim CEO while Pollenizer looks for a full-time CEO.

“We’re looking for someone who will bust down doors and be excited about this idea. In the meantime, Pollenizer and Trevor are driving it forward,” Liubinskas says.

The goal of the company is to have 10,000 businesses using the tool on a daily basis by June next year.

Reid Hoffman’s Ten Entrepreneurship Rules for Building Massive Companies

Rule #1: Look for disruptive change.

Rule #2: Aim big.

Rule #3: Build a network to magnify your company.

Rule #4: Plan for good luck and bad luck.

Rule #5: Maintain flexible persistence.

Rule #6: Launch early enough that you are embarrassed by your first product release.

Rule #7: Aspire, but don’t drink your own Kool-Aid.

Rule #8: Having a great product is important but having great product distribution is more important.

Rule #9: Pay close attention to culture and hires from the very beginning.

Rule #10: Rules of entrepreneurship are guidelines, not laws of nature.

Reid Hoffman is Co-Founder and Chairman at LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock Partners. He is a member of the founding team at PayPal and has been an angel investor and adviser to dozens of organizations including Facebook, Zynga, Flickr and Last.FM. He currently serves on the boards of LinkedIn, Zynga, Shopkick, and Mozilla. 


Funding options available for startups in Australia

As many of you already know, Pollenizer Ventures prefers to invest in concept stage startups with little technical expertise. This is where we add great value.

If this doesn’t fit with your start-up, and you’re looking for alternative funds, there are many financing options available in Australia.

They are: Seed Funds, Angel Investors & Venture Capital:

Mick Liubinskas talks with StartCast about Pollenizer – Part 1

This video is the first of 3 videos that StartCast have produced on the startup incubator / accelerator / co-founder machine that is Pollenizer.

In this video Mick Liubinskas (co-founder of Pollenizer) takes the time to give a quick tour through Pollenizer’s new digs in Surry Hills, talks about some of the key achievements Pollenizer has made and explains why Pollenizer exists.

4 Simple Ways To Get Customer Feedback Online

Do you know what your customers think about your products and services?

Successful business owners know that no matter how busy they get, it’s critical to take the time to get customer feedback. Understanding what your customers think about your products and services can not only help you improve quality, but can also give you insights into what new products and services your customers want so you can diversify your offerings. Knowing what you’re doing right also lets you make smart decisions about where to focus your energies, and it may even give you fodder for marketing. Plus, your customers will appreciate having ways to communicate with you and knowing they are being heard.